Seminar | HEALTH: Critical Studies and New Activisms

Family Health and Brazilian Psychiatric Reform: Public Policies and Mental Health Care Practices

Edimilson Duarte (UNIGRANRIO)

October 26, 2022, 16h00 (GMT+1)

Online event


In Brazil, the historical path of the Brazilian Psychiatric Reform is marked by the challenge of implementing the deinstitutionalisation of madness. In the past, the asylum practice was what determined the asylum and, consequently, the social exclusion of the person said to be insane. Currently, the ongoing Psychiatric Reform faces problems in its operationalisation which point to the emergence of new forms (methodologies) to deal with the challenges that still put at risk the implementation of what determines the rights guaranteed by the Public Policies attained through the Psychiatric Reform. The Family Health Strategy is the result of the rights invested by the Unified Health System, as health promotion and prevention. They are care practices in public health that ethically and politically aim at the exercise of citizenship for the Brazilian population. Such perspective, as Public Policies, is in line with what is determined by the Psychiatric Reform.   Both the Family Health strategy and the Psychiatric Reform seek to ensure good health care practices in the territory, where the individual and the family are the focus of attention for the exercise of the right to full health care.

The aim of the seminar is to present the practice of matrix support in mental health as a working methodology used between mental health professionals and the family health team. It is the practice of care in the territory in an integrated way to ensure health care, promoting the exercise of citizenship of the person in mental distress/mental disorder. Given the above, it is understood that the matrix support can offer good health care practices and, consequently, favors the deinstitutionalization of madness and the autonomy of the subject in mental distress. Such methodology supports the clinics of the subject and, finally, produces reflections on knowledges and care practices in the field of mental health, taking into account the psychosocial aspects, the daily life and the collective in search of a society without mental asylums.

Bio note
Edimilson Duarte
| Degree in Psychology. Master and PhD in Psychology by the Post-Graduate Programme in Social Psychology of the State University of Rio de Janeiro - UERJ/Brazil. Post-doctorate and visiting researcher at the Centre for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra - Portugal - CES/UC/PT. Improvement course in outpatient mental health care at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ/Brazil. Member of the Freudian College of Rio de Janeiro. Institutionally linked to the graduate course in medicine of the University of Grande Rio Prof. José de Souza Herdy -UNIGRANRIO.

Coorganisers: Tiago Pires Marques and Susana de Noronha (CES)


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