Roundtable | Observatory for Education and Training Policies (OP.Edu)

Anti-oppressive education practices

November 8, 2022, 10h00-13h00

Room 1, CES | Alta


This roundtable intends to promote a dialogue about teaching practices based on an anti-oppressive conception of education. It will be a space to debate pedagogical practices that challenge the hierarchies that maintain social inequalities through unequal power relations and that, therefore, seek to confront injustices that marginalize and harm individuals and social groups.

In Brazil, an important part of the community of science education researchers and educators have proposed, defended and researched politicized perspectives for science education in the wake of what Paulo Freire proposed and of the social struggles of historically subalternized groups victimized by systematic oppression, especially the black and indigenous populations.

Together with the anti-facist, anti-racist and anti-gender violence struggles, which have been intensely disputing the political narratives and spaces in recent Brazil, despite the advance of conservative and reactionary movements in the country, anti-oppressive education aims to confront another education: the one that has been ideologically feeding the systems of oppression - largely structured on racism and patriarchy - and contributing to the maintenance of social inequalities.

In this sense, the roundtable will start with an initial presentation on some examples of anti-oppressive educational proposals developed in the context of a doctoral research project. Afterwards we will discuss the urgent need to expand and consolidate anti-oppressive educational practices in a more global context.

Free but compulsory registration | Deadline for registration: 3 November 2022

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