Urban planning in Brazil: visions and possibilities

January 20, 2022, 17h00

Keynes Hall, Faculty of Economics - UC


This initiative, promoted by the Doctoral Programme in CITIES AND URBAN CULTURES, aims to provide and discuss some perspectives of urban planning practised in Brazil. The invited speakers, professors of sociology and architecture at the Federal Universities of Ceará (Fortaleza) and UNB (Brasília), bothconducting stays at CES, present the main lines of planning and regeneration practice both in urban centres (Brasília) and in depressed areas such as favelas (Fortaleza). Among other dimensions, they aim to set out the political measures, but also the agencies and constraints of each of the lines of action set out and proposed for discussion.

Speakers | Carolina Pescatori (Department of Architecture of the UnB [Brasília], post-doctoral researcher at CES) and Roselane Bezerra (Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of the Federal University of Ceará), visiting researcher at CES.| Moderator: Carlos Fortuna (CES/FEUC)

Activity under the Doctoral Programme «Cities and Urban Cultures»