Mid-term seminar of the project HOU$ING

Financialised housing in 21st century Portugal: Social representations, practices, and political stakes

September 14, 2022, 10h00 (GMT+1)

Online event


10h00 – Opening Session: Introduction to the project HOU$ING, Raquel Ribeiro
10h30 – What problem(s) in housing?, Rita Campos e Fernanda Jesus
10h50 – Asset welfare and political views, Ana Cordeiro Santos

11h10 – Break

11h15 – Social representations and housing practices: Preliminary results, Daniela Neto
11h30 – Social Representations and Housing Practices: Social and Political Implications, Joaquim Pires Valentim
12h00 – Discussion of the results, Ana Drago
12h30 – Debate

13h00 – Lunch Break

14h30 – Roundtable: Crisis(s) and/in housing: Discriminations (economic, gender, ethnic, generational, etc.) and psycho-socio-political impacts | Participants: Lina Coelho, Rita Silva, Sheila Holz

15h00 - Debate

16h25 – Closing