Talk III | Restless Talks: Can Care Be Subversive?

Ecology as Care

August 31, 2022, 18h00

Rádio Baixa (Coimbra) +

Moderator: Patrícia Ferreira (CES)


The narratives of the COVID-19 pandemic weave an imaginary populated by viruses, by the suffering experienced by people affected by the disease, but also by the complex relationships that link diseases, the living conditions of the most vulnerable populations on the planet, and ecological destruction.

In this talk, we will meet researchers and activists committed to ecology, from the issue of seeds and food justice to the climate crisis, the role of lithium in the energy crisis and the protection of the territory where we live.

Inspired by an ecological vision of care, these are the stories of those who remain with problems, as Donna Haraway proposes, and are committed to creating futures based on ecological repair and the care of life and the planet.


António Carvalho (CES)
Guida Marques (artist, architect, activist)
Irina Castro (CES)
Ivan Barbeira (Climáximo)
Renata Almeida (Movement Against Beira Serra Mining)