Artéria Network Seminar

Strategies for inventing the future: the interior under analysis in the Post-Pandemic

September 2 and 3, 2021

Belmonte Municipal Auditorium >> Compulsory Registration


It is possible to estimate the potential of some remote and low density territories, where the possibilities of creating differentiated employment, of valorising material and immaterial resources and of creating a sense of community are more likely than in some densely populated regions. The situation of confinement arising from the pandemic crisis resulting from the impact of COVID-19 reinforces the need to look at these areas from another point of view and understand some of their less revealed potentials. 

Firstly, the notion of innovation could be broadened. Traditionally, innovation tends to be reduced to research and development (R&D) that takes place from large urban centres. But innovation also happens in inland territories, in other ways and with other scales, enabling different articulations with equal impact. Culture, as an activity, as a policy or a space for intervention and discussion, can create conditions for rethinking these territories from innovative perspectives.

Following the creation of the show CAMINHO, by Filipa Francisco for the Artéria Network/Municipality of Belmonte, we propose a seminar that puts the production of academic knowledge in direct relation with the community to discuss possibilities of thinking innovatively the territories of the Portuguese interior and the role of culture in the design of new paradigms of development.

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