International Colloquium

Institutional racism, justice system and public policies in Peru and Brazil: overcoming comparative approaches

July 8 and 9, 2021, 14h30 (GMT+01:00)

Online event >> Call for papers & cases until June 20

Call for papers & cases (until May 30)

This event will have a CALL FOR PAPERS & CASES (deadline: 30 May 2021)

Papers and cases will be selected through abstracts containing between 300-400 words submitted to HERE by the specified date. Articles that advance discussions around the following concepts will be selected: institutional racism, black genocide/genocide of the black population and/or anti-racism. The papers must consider racism in the Brazilian and Peruvian context. Papers considering the indigenous experience will be accepted as long as they also include an analysis of the black experience, the same is valid for analyses considering other realities outside the above-mentioned national contexts.

Guidelines for paper presentations:

  • Black genocide and the intentionality proof trap
  • Institutional racism in the justice system
  • Generic race attenuation, uses and advances
  • Institutional racism and mental health
  • Territory, social movements, collective actions and anti-racism
  • The use of data in the criminal area, antiracism and interdisciplinary possibilities

This call will select reports on cases that present effective antiracist action within the justice system. The cases must reflect experiences of strategic action and/or democratisation of the justice system, articulating emblematic cases, collective issues and/or structural conflicts having an anti-racist action as reference.

The cases must be presented in Portuguese and/or Spanish language, observing the following structure:
I - Summary of the situation-problem
II - Summary of the action and/or judicial, extrajudicial and/or political measures adopted
III - Partners involved
IV - Summary of the results obtained

Photos, videos, petitions, news, public notes, manifestos and other exemplary documents may also be presented.