Book presentation

«O Estado do Racismo em Portugal. Racismo antinegro e anticiganismo no direito e nas políticas públicas» | Eds: Silvia Rodríguez Maeso 

November 29, 2021, 17h30

Garden of the University of Coimbra Student's Union (AAC)


The book will be presented by Silvia Rodríguez Maeso (Editor, CES), Maira da Veiga (anthropology student at the UC), Apolo de Carvalho (Núcleo Antirracista de Coimbra, PhD candidate in Post-colonialisms and Global Citizenship - CES/UC) and Jessica Bruno (Núcleo Antirracista de Coimbra, PhD candidate in Post-colonialisms and Global Citizenship).



The debate on racism in Portugal is tied to the recycling of mythologies that update the legacies of colonialism and racial enslavement. The disputes around the intentionality and nature of acts or episodes - «is it really racism?» -, of the non-racist credentials of white people - «racist, me?!, but I have black friends» - or of the prioritisation of social problems submitted to institutional intervention - «juvenile delinquency in African and gypsy ghettos» - exemplify the sedimentation of racism and of political solutions that prevent us from confronting it from the approach of racial justice.

O Estado do Racismo em Portugal [The State of Racism in Portugal] (Tinta-da-China, 2021) aims to contribute to the decoding of institutional racism, by identifying and analysing the routine practices that promote anti-Black and anti-Roma racial order in various contexts of Portuguese society: in the implementation of legislation to combat discrimination and racial hatred, in security policies and policing, in the devices for the protection of «children at risk», in the media and in the responses to precariousness and residential segregation.

The texts seek to discuss anti-racist and liberating political horizons.


The event is organised in partnership with the Núcleo Antirracista de Coimbra (NAC) and the University of Coimbra Student's Union (AAC)