Workshop | Gender Workshop Series XI

In the Words of Dinha

June 24, 2021, 17h00 (GMT +01:00)

Online event


Based on the theme "Feminist Arts of Words", the XI edition of the Gender Workshop Series proposes a series of monthly talks, around feminist, gender and colonial issues, with authors and other curators of the arts of words. In this session, we will talk with Dinha, based on her work.

Bio note

Maria Nilda de Carvalho Mota, aka Dinha, was born in Milagres, Ceará, Brazil. She is a poet, teacher, independent editor, and researcher. She has a bachelor's degree in Literature from the University of São Paulo, and a MA and PhD in Comparative Studies of Portuguese Language Literatures from the same University. Growing up in São Paulo, she participated, in 1999, in the founding of Posse Poder e Revolução (PPR) in Fundão do Ipiranga - an area that includes the neighbourhoods Parque Bristol, Jardim São Savério, Vila Livieiro and adjacencies. Initially linked to the hip hop movement, the PPR later became the Cultural Centre for Political Actions, expanding its action through manifestations and interventions through the proposal of public policies. In the realm of Education and Literature, the collective maintains actions linked to the Cursinho Comunitário Fernando Elza Malote and Edições Me Pariò Revolução - a literary label of which Dinha is a founding member. Among the various works published by the author are De passagem mas não a passeio (2008), Zero a zero - quinze poemas contra o genocídio da população negra (2015) and Maria Zé Povo/María Pepe Pueblo (2019).


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