Book Presentation

«Creative Tourism: Activating Cultural Resources and Engaging Creative Travellers» | Ed: Nancy Duxbury, Sara Albino, Cláudia Pato de Carvalho

December 9th ( 02:00pm-04:00pm); December 10th (10:00am-12:00pm) | 2021

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Due to timezone challenges for the authors in this international book, Creative Tourism: Activating Cultural Resources and Engaging Creative Travellers (published October 2021, CABI International), we have divided the launch into two sessions (Nov. 9 and 10) with different authors speaking in each session (6 in each + editors + publisher). The book includes 45 authors and a wide range of topics, and in this launch we wish to initiate exchanges among some of the authors, across the chapters. Thus, each book launch session includes a set of ‘roundtable’ style discussions focused on some of the main themes of the book, namely: Entrepreneurship, Community impacts, Implications of research for practice, and Strengthening meaningful connections between research, practice, and/or policy. 

Book summary:

This book provides a synthesis of current research and international best practice in the emerging field of creative tourism. Including knowledge, insights, and reflections from both practitioners and researchers, it covers types of creative tourist, trends, designing and implementing creative tourism products, embedding activities in a community

and place, and addressing sustainability challenges. Applying lessons learned from the CREATOUR project and other initiatives internationally, the editors present key information in an actionable manner best suited to people working on the ground. It provides a core, introductory text plus a wide range of cases examining creative tourism development in practice in the following 15 countries: Austria, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Kenya, Namibia, Portugal, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, and the USA.

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