Self-Management in Debate(s)

17, 24 e 31 de maio; 7 de junho | 2021

Online event


Devoid of normative connotations, the term self-management refers to the democratic administration of an organisation (social, economic, political) by its members. At the ideological level, critical voices of liberalism recognise self-management as a just aspiration, but argue that the inequality of aptitudes and the supposed natural tendency of human beings towards individualism make it a mere unattainable ideal. However, self-management has existed (and continues to exist) in a wide variety of domains of the social sphere. In this series of seminars we outline the history of some of the most emblematic cases and explore the opportunities and advantages that self-management offers in the face of the most important economic, social and environmental challenges of the 21st century.


Organisers: Ecosol/CES, Interdisciplinary Unit for Social Development (NIDES) and Research Group on Worker-Recuperated Companies (GPERT)