25th APDR workshop

Social Innovation Towards Sustainability: Embracing Contemporary Challenges for Regional Development 

September 28 to October 2, 2020



Virtual rooms

28/09 – Keynote Opening

29/09 – Parallel Session 1

30/09 – Parallel Sessions 2 and 3

01/10 – Parallel Sessions 4 and 5

02/10 – Focus group and Keynote Final


Portuguese hour: GMT +01:00

MONDAY – 28/09/2020

16h30 Keynote Opening – EN

Power dynamics in transformative social innovation
Flor Avelino

Community resilience, sustainability and success on the margins and peripheries
Michael Danson

Chair: Hugo Pinto


TUESDAY – 29/09/2020

14h30 Parallel Session 1 - PT

Tourism and Territorial Renewal

Past, present and future of creative tourism in Portugal: analysing actors and connection dynamics
Ana Rita Cruz, Margarida Perestrelo, Maria Assunção Gato, Pedro Costa & Elisabete Tomaz

Behind the formation of networks: tourist routes in areas of low competitiveness
Luís Mota Figueira, Oliva Martins & José Luis Braga

How can cities combine their governance paradigms with social innovation for an inclusive urban regeneration? URBiNAT Study Case
Fábio Sampaio, Gonçalo Canto Moniz, Isabel Ferreira & Beatriz Caitana

From urban overtourism to an empty city: how to reignite urban tourism after Covid-19?
Maria Assunção Gato & Ana Rita Cruz

Chair: Carla Nogueira


WEDNESDAY – 30/09/2020

14h30 Parallel Session 2 - EN

Spaces for Sustainable Social Innovation

Social innovation in Portugal – where are we and what are we doing?
Joana Dias & Maria Partidário

Defining common spaces as key components of a sustainable perspective
Gilda Farrell

Constructing inter-generational arts space: places and potentialities
Anthony Killick

Social innovation in the development of rural regions: experience of the Austrian region of Muehlviertel
Marina Novikova & Maria de Fátima Ferreiro

Sustainable tourism: Is there a path from sustainability indexes to innovative governance?
Fátima Carvalho & Silvia Fernandes

Chair: Carla Nogueira

16h30 Parallel Session 3 - PT

Learning for Social Innovation

Some insights on the role of universities in the social innovation process
Jorge Cunha, Carla Ferreira, Madalena Araújo & Paul Benneworth

DIVE project: sharing experiences of non-formal education on social entrepreneurship
Teresa Dieguez, Oscarina Conceição & Lúcia Campinho 

Social learning and innovations in sustainability transitions – a research in progress
Maria Partidário, Margarida Monteiro, Joana Dias, Isabel Loupa Ramos, Teresa Fidélis, Teresa Pinto Correia, Catarina Madeira, Maria Rivera & José da Veiga

Demand profile of ecovillage tourists in Portugal: a sociological and economic perspective
Carla Nogueira & Michelle Moraes

Tracking the Portuguese community-based initiatives landscape: The role of politicisation and institutional frameworks
Alexandra Bussler, João Mourato & David Avelar

Chair: Paola DiNunzio


THURSDAY – 01/10/2020

14h30 Parallel Session 4 - PT

Social Innovation and Communities

Dreamers and starters: are ecosystems fostering entrepreneurship in Portugal?
Fernando C. Gaspar & Fernando M. Mota

Olive oil cooperatives as a medium of social innovation in the Andalusian countryside
José Domingo Sánchez Martínez, Vicente José Gallego Simón, Antonio Garrido Almonacid & Juan Carlos Rodríguez Cohard

Urban and peri-urban agriculture public policy: an analysis of normative instruments in the city of São Paulo (Brazil)
Katia Carolino & Marcos Sorrentino

Analysing the social innovation networks of intentional sustainable communities in Europe
Carla Nogueira, João Filipe Marques & Hugo Pinto

Social innovation impact assessment: a proposal for a measurement tool
Jorge Cunha, Wellington Alves, Madalena Araújo & Paul Benneworth

Chair: Carla Nogueira


16h30 Parallel Session 5 - PT

Regional Dynamics

Spatial autocorrelation of exports and R&D in Portugal
António Carlos de Campos, Luís Lopes & Carlos Carreira

Regional unemployment and cyclical sensitivity in Spain
Alejandro Almeida, Aida Galiano, Antonio A. Golpe & Juan M. Martin

Regional effects of tourism in Portugal: a multivariate analysis
Hugo S. Gonçalves & Jorge M. Andraz

Determinants of liquidity: the case of Greece
Beatriz Gonçalves, Luís Coelho & Rúben Peixinho

Chair: André Guerreiro


FRIDAY – 02/10/2020

14h30 Focus Group – PT

The transformative potential of social innovation for regional development

Chair: Carla Nogueira

16h30 Keynote Final - PT

Institutional relatedness, technology and sustainability in economic geography: a sympathetic critique
Mário do Vale

Public policies and social innovation governance
Sílvia Ferreira

Portugal Social Innovation: a pioneering policy for development
Filipe Almeida

Chair: Hugo Pinto