Seminar Series

Oguatá/Atagbá: Walking with new conversations along the routes of Epistemologies of the South

25 de maio e 22 de junho de 2020

Online Event


The Oguatá | Atagbá Seminar Series: Walking with new conversations through the epistemologies of the south, it is an event proposed and organised by a group of researchers, linked to CES/UC, with an interest in the theme of "University Outreach". Based on the outreach praxis, the collective proposes seminar series to present the outreach work developed by the group members in their respective institutions, with the purpose of promoting the critical and reflective training of the participants and valuing University Outreach as a space for creation, recreation and decolonization of knowledge, inseparable from teaching and research.

This Seminar Series is the result of activities promoted by the outreach collective ATAGBÁ, which aims to carry out political-academic debates aimed at valuing the University and Popular Outreach, promoting exchanges of outreach experiences and carrying out network interventions in university institutions in Brazil and Portugal, guided by dialogue and the joint will to build knowledge based on a University/Society relationship committed to overcoming social inequalities, patriarchy and colonialism, as well as defence and socio-environmental preservation and in favour of cultural diversity.