Seminar Series

Spaces in Public

26, 27 e 28 de outubro de 2020

Online event


Public space and actions in public, such as coexistence management and activation potential. Culture, relations of hierarchy and diversity, art, visibility and the right to the city. Occupation, practices and coexistence as a possibility of political education, in the dimensions of the public and the individual. The search for dignity and a city of solidarity.

Public spaces are constituted beyond the physical structures created for common occupation, making ever more evident the need for an integrated perspective regarding the practices and designs that have determined the spaces and environments and their occupation relations. In this sense, art and cultural practices translate and shape paths, which can reinforce or challenge the logics in use. The focus of this discussion are the affirmation of values and practices from experiences in public, and the revision of social logics from the new demands, the political manifestations in space, the building and the city as expanded dimensions of the common experience, the place of the body and culture in the creation and occupation of urban spaces, and coexistence as potential for critical activation.


This activity will be accessible through the Zoom platform and will be limited to number of available places:

• 10/26, 14h to 18h30:
• 10/27, 14h to 15h30:
• 10/28, 14h to 18h30:

We appreciate that all participants keep the microphone muted until the moment(s) of debate. The host of the session reserves the right to expel the participant who does not respect the rules of the room.

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