Sewing Feminisms: Powerful Women

Eliane Godinho (Pedagoga, artesã e ativista)

March 2 to 13, 2020

North/South Library Hallway (2nd Floor), CES | Alta

Exhibition and presentation on the relevance of women chosen by the artisan, pedagogue and feminist Eliane Godinho

The Universe of threads, fabrics, scissors, needles, readings and writings inspire the composition of the pieces and the different techniques of handicrafts, feminisms and popular art. This perspective understands handicrafts and artisanhips as a political and pedagogical act, which in addition to mediating and enabling other narratives of representativeness, value popular knowledges and subjectivities that involve the composition of each piece and its dialogues through feminist epistemologies and methodologies.

Powerful Women is a work materialized through unique pieces, full of personality and grace, in homage to the diverse female personalities, inspiring women for feminist studies and movements. A work inspired by narratives, readings, life stories, activism, women's political participation and their struggles for social transformation.

This initiative aims to commemorate International Women's Day. The opening is scheduled for March 2, at 4 pm

About the Author

Eliane Godinho Graduated in Pedagogy (Licenciatura) in 2013 and Master in Education in 2017, by the Federal University of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil. Currently study a PhD in Feminist Studies at the University of Coimbra - Portugal. Is member of the Gender and Diversity Observatory of UFPel, the Research Group in Philosophy, Education and Social Praxis - FEPráxiS and the Paulo Freire Studies Center. Participates in the DGenerus Research Group: Center for Feminist and Gender Studies, CNPq / UFPel. She works mainly in themes related to Popular Education, Feminist Pedagogy and the Labor Sexual Division..