Book presentation

«Sociologia do Direito: uma abordagem sociopolítica» by António Casimiro Ferreira

October 16, 2019, 18h30

CES | Lisbon (Picoas Plaza | Rua Viriato, lojas 117 e 118) > With Pierre Guibentif (ISCTE/IUL) and Paula Casaleiro (CES/UC).

The book will be presented by Pierre Guibentif (ISCTE/IUL) and Paula Casaleiro (CES/UC).


Sociology of law is an area of ​​knowledge relevant to the study of the relationship between politics, law, and society, to which this book seeks to contribute. Although there are multiple researches and publications dealing with socio-legal issues in Portugal , there is not, so far, a publication where the main concepts, theoretical frameworks, themes and problems of the sociological analysis of law are systematized. This book seeks to bridge this gap by providing the reader with an up-to-date overview of the sociology of law. The option of choice was to organise the book around three parts: Elements of the Sociology of Law; Theories of the Sociology of Law; and A sociology of law situated in the face of austerity and exception. Without losing its formative vocation, the book also corresponds to the author's personal view of the sociology of law or the political sociology of law. The book is aimed at students, teachers and researchers, and anyone interested in the study of sociology, law, sociology of law, political sociology, political science and social theory.

About the Author

António Casimiro Ferreira holds a PhD in Sociology of Law and State from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra, where he is an Agrregated Professor. He is also a researcher at the Centre for Social Studies(CES). Among his books are: Émile Durkheim - o social, o político e o jurídico, (2017). Política e Sociedade - Teoria social em tempo de austeridade, 2nd Edition, (2016). Contextos e desafios de transformação das magistraturas, (2013). Sociedade da Austeridade e direito do trabalho de exceção, (2012.