Urban Cinema Screening Series

Sociology, Cities and Urban Cultures

7, 16, 23 e 30 de outubro de 2019, 17h30

Centre for Social Studies / Faculty of Economics, UC


The Urban Cinema Screening Series - Sociology, Cities and Urban Cultures returns in 2019 to discuss the relationship between time and city at various scales. From the urban life that is organised around the displacements, as time goes by in the distances that technology has promised to overcome, to the one that paces slowly, in the rhythms of the community that recognises itself as such. From the intermittent cycle of memories that mesh with the present, blurring boundaries and perceptions of the real in the midst of escape from where one does not want to be. Between the routine that goes year out, anxious for a day of celebration that defines the other 364 days and the seemingly banal daily life of the centre of a metropolis, the Urban Cinema Screening Series proposes to discuss conflicts, transformations and phenomena inherent to the broad problematic recognised under the term “urban issues” based mainly on temporalities.

In this edition, the Series returns home, inviting teachers renowned for their studies and debates on urban and cultural issues to comment on the films.


7 October, 2019, Auditorium-FEUC, 17h30
«Alfama é Marcha» (PT; 2017; 40min53s) by Left Hand Rotation
Comments: Paula Abreu (FEUC/CES) and Maria de Lurdes Pinheiro (APPA - Associação do Património e População de Alfama)
Moderator: Violeta Rodríguez Becerril (PhD Candidate)

16 October, 2019, CES, Room 1, 17h30
«Bicicleta» (PT; 2014; 48 min) by Luís Vieira Campos
Comentador:  Paulo Peixoto (FEUC/CES)
Moderador: Bruno Franco Alves (PhD Candidate)

23 October,  2019, CES, Room 1, 17h30
«Cartas a un Gorrión» (CO; 2018; 10min) de Andrés Rojas
«Água Mole (PT; 2017; 9min15s) by Alexandra Ramires e Laura Gonçalves
«Altas Cidades de Ossadas» (PT; 2017, 17min) by João Salaviza
Comments: Carlos Fortuna (FEUC/CES)
Moderator: Carolina Anselmo (PhD Candidate)

30 October,  2019, Auditorium-FEUC, 17h30
«Rush Hour» (MX/US/TR; 2017, 80min) by Luciana Kaplan
Comments: Claudino Ferreira (FEUC/CES)
Moderator: Lucas Brasil Pereira (PhD Candidate)