International workshop

Social Innovation and the Role of the State

May 9, 2019, 14h00

Room 1, CES | Alta


Social innovation is a complex process that seeks to solve social problems, generating new ideas, products or processes that meet social needs and challenges. This workshop takes place within the scope of the INTERREG Atlantic-Social-Lab (ASL) WP6, aiming to the comprehension of social innovation in the development of public management mechanism as well as exploring challenges of public policies. The target groups are local, regional and national policy makers, associations, non-governmental organisations, practitioners of social innovation, social entrepreneurs, among others.

With the specific objectives of learning and dissemination of knowledge, it is intended to:
- Share knowledge about social innovation;
- Explore the impact of social innovation initiatives in Europe;
- Discuss the link between social innovation, State and public management;
- Promote social innovation as a driving force for a new and improved public management;
- Present the ASL project main results;
- Networking and cooperation for future projects of social innovation.

Registration mandatory [here]