Seminar Series

Slam Seminars

February 5, 2019 to December 31, 2020

CES | Alta


Series of monthly seminars that take place on the first Tuesdays of each month and intend to be dialogues between researchers and the research group DECIDe | Democracy, Citizenship and Law (CES-UC) and researchers from other centres.

Main objectives:
a) socialize the research themes of researchers (permanent, postdoc, guest, juniors and doctoral candidates)
b) build bridges between research work.

The proposal is for a debate on perspectives, lines of research and methodologies so that they dialogue or bring different views on the same point. The selection of the themes from this call will be based on the subjects worked by the research group.
The Slam Seminars last for 1h30m:
- 1 speaker (or two, if the speaker is part of a research group) with 25 minutes of presentation;
- 2 commentators (one of the DECIDe and one of the other CES or external research groups, if the proponent is of another research group, the discussant are both of DECIDe) with 15 minutes each. 

The speakers of the seminar will be chosen from a consultation process involving the proposing speaker, the coordinators of DECIDe and one or two members of the research group related to the theme.
- 35 minutes for discussion with the audience present.

Invitation to participate
The present call therefore invites proposals for hot topics and proposals for seminars on the suggested theme(s). To organise the seminars, you must send an email to the coordinators ( with the following information:
- Name and surname, title of the presentation, description of the type of work (doctorate in ..., supervisor, co-supervisor, date of defence, postdoc project, period, ..., research funded by...)
- Language of choice (Portuguese or English or Spanish);
- Summary of the presentation (1 page); the full text of the presentation must be sent at least one week in advance to the commentators and to the coordination of DECIDe;
- Suggestions of 2 researchers who could comment;
- Proposal of date (first Wednesday of each month) and timetable;
- Short biography (five lines maximum).