Colloquium | SESSION 3

Peripheries and their Recent Transformations

March 26, 2019, 10h00

Room 2, CES | Alta


The collaborative research group "PERIPHERIES AND THEIR RECENT TRANSFORMATIONS" announces the 3rd and 4th sessions of the Colloquium with the same name, a public event aimed at fostering dialogue and exchange among researchers at all levels (doctoral students, postdoctoral students, researchers, teachers) and nationalities, involved or interested in the theme that identifies the group, thus seeking to be a space for the strengthening, dissemination and critical reflection of the results of the ongoing or conducted research in this very field.

The dates of the next two sessions are as follows: the 3rd on 03/26/2019 and the 4th on 03/23/2019. The scheduled time for each of these two sessions is from 10am to 6pm. The venue will be Room 2 of CES/Coimbra/Alta

The central axis of both sessions will be the issue of peripheries, addressed under the cutting of their recent transformations, grouped in the following axes of reflection: (1) socio-spatial in nature; (2) of an identity and symbolic nature; (3) of socio-legal nature; (4) of a conceptual and methodological nature, tranversal axis.

Based on these axes, the intention is to foster debate on:

  • the analysis of cases of  peripheral speech and voices, in addition to the emergence of new collective subjects;
  • the problematisation of the concept of periphery, the naming of places in this form and the 'fads' that can surround this use;
  • processes of expulsion, gentrification, marginalisation and other correlates;
  • the multiple sociocultural dimensions that surround the peripheries, such as the history of the place, the artistic expressions, the production of languages, etc .;
  • the internal regulatory structures that have emerged within them, which are translated into their own normative codes, territorial management and conflict management institutions, forming their socio-juridical dimension;
  • the methodological and political issues involved in the search of the peripheries (or "in" the peripheries, or "with" the peripheries, etc.)