Book presentation

«Legitmidades da loucura: sofrimento, luta, criatividade e pertença». Eds.: Mônica Nunes and Tiago Pires Marques

July 19, 2019, 18h30

Livraria Ler Devagar, Galeria, Lx Factory (Lisbon)


Vasco Santos (psychoanalyst) and editor of the publication, Mônica Nunes and Tiago Pires Marques

About the book
This book aims to identify, analyse and construct modes of production of legitimacies of the differences that societies or subjects, politically appropriating themselves of valued negatively attributes, place in the field of madness. It also seeks to analyse what prevents or hinders these productions of legitimacy, as observed in practice in different life situations, in institutional contexts or even in research contexts and narrative strategies. In this sense, this book is a collection of some current contributions that add and diversify socio-cultural and political aspects that relate to the social production of more or less favourable conditions towards the construction of these new forms of legitimacy for madness or the emergence of other social places to be occupied by people with mental distress.