Workshopon rehabilitation of hospital heritage

Dwelling the House of Man

April 25 to May 1, 2019

CES - Alta | Department of Architecture of the University of Coimbra


Exploring the urban, landscape and articulation possibilities with the natural environment, or the configuration of the protective cabin during hospitalisation, this workshop focuses on the rehabilitation of the architectural heritage of Hospital de Sobral Cid, Maternity Bissaya Barreto and the Former Pediatric Hospital, responding to the deinstitutionalisation of equipment, participatory programming, and urban integration.

Under the  CuCa_RE research project, the Interdisciplinary Project Workshop on Hospital heritage rehabilitation allows the testing of approaches and the production of materials for the publication of the "Good Practice Handbook on Rehabilitation of Hospital Heritage".

Applications for this Workshop will be open until April 22, 2019. Results will be announced on April 23, 2019. 


April 25 to May 1


SOBRAL CID (PROGRAMME) | Paulo Providência (DArq) + Patrícia Ferreira (CES)
SOBRAL CID (PROJECT) | João Gomes da Silva (Global landscaper) + Patricia Miguel

FORMER PEDIATRIC HOSPITAL (PROGRAMME) | Maximina Almeida (MXT Studio) + Daniel Neves (FEUC)
HOSPITAL  (PROJECT) | Telmo Cruz (MXT Studio) + Daniela Arnaut (IST)

MATERNITY HOSPITAL  (PROGRAMME) | Jorge Carvalho (aNC arqutos) + Bernardo Amaral

MATERNITY HOSPITAL  (PROJECT) | João Branco (Branco del Rio) and Armando Rabaça (DArq)

29 April - 17.00-18.30: João Arriscado Nunes (CES) + Sofia Coutinho (ACSS) + José Carlos Avelãs Nunes
May 1 - 11.00-13.30: Ana Tostões (IST) + José António Bandeirinha (DArq) + Ricardo Jerónimo

April 27,
 18.00-19.30: João Gomes da Silva, Patrícia Miguel, Paulo Providência

April 28, 18.00-19.30: Jorge Carvalho, Daniela Arnaut, Bernardo Amaral
April 29, 18.00-19.30: Telmo Cruz, Maximina Almeida, Armando Rabaça, João Branco