Ethics and Reflexivity in Research - research with and about women

February 13, 2019, 09h30

Room 1, CES | Alta


This workshop aims to bring to the discussion the difficulties, dilemmas and ethical issues come forth during the course of research and fieldwork. The focus will be on researchers' experiences in the BLEND project and on other researches that require particular reflexivity. The process of trying to better understand the range of women's participation in wars of liberation in the former Portuguese colonies, on and off the battlefield, the amorous connections that unfolded in contexts of colonial violence and the experiences of women (and children resulting from these relations) presents difficulties due to their personal and sensitive character and for implying a continuity of these violences, which may have unforeseen consequences on the lives of the women and men interviewed.

Particular attention will be given to analyses that reflect on the role of the researcher and their relationship of power with potential research participants, epistemic justice, the impacts on the lives of participants and their families, among other ethical dilemmas and questions.

Participants: Camilo de Sousa, Iolanda Vasile, Isabel Noronha, Maria Paula Meneses, Marisa Ramos Gonçalves, Natércia Coimbra, Sofia Palma Rodrigues.