Gender workshop


Luciane Lucas dos Santos

Michela Giovannini

May 30, 2019, 17h00

Room 2, CES | Alta


For the past eight years, the Gender Workshops at the Centre for Social Studies have been open spaces for debate that seek to explore the epistemological potential of feminist perspectives towards the understanding of social life. These have been approached from different social, political and cultural contexts, focusing on the dialogue between the most varied disciplines and areas of research.

In this IX series (2018/2019) a new model of workshops is proposed, this time privileging the invitation to researchers and/or activists who, in partnership, accept the challenge to debate around a theme with close connection to their research interests and/or professional and civic activity.

In accordance with the principles of the Centre for Social Studies, this IX Gender Workshop Series proposes to 1) privilege the construction of dialogues and bridges from the debate of ideas between the invited people and the audience present in each session; 2) create opportunities for contact with spaces other than academic, establishing or strengthening, for this purpose, ties with social and cultural entities linked to the issues under discussion.

To this end, the following list of debates is proposed: Bodies; Sexualities and reproductive policies; Poetics, Art and Desire; Justice; Academy and Feminisms; Spirituality; Economies; Return to concepts: gender and intersectionality. Each workshop will take place at CES or other locations in the city, between November 2018 and June 2019, on the last Thursday of each month.

Programme of this session:
Theme: Economies
17h - Luciane Lucas dos Santos, CES
17h30 - Michela Giovannini, CES
18h/19h - Debate

Gender Workshop Series Coordinating Committee: Ana Lúcia Santos, Ana Oliveira, Catarina Martins, Luciana Moreira, Teresa Cunha