I Series

Economy: what are you talking about? The complexity of the Brazilian context

Ricardo Amorim

Tiago Oliveira

4, 11, 18 e 25 de junho de 2019, 15h00

Room 2, CES | Alta


The Annual Series "Economy: What  are you talking about? The complexity of the Brazilian context" is composed of a series of seminars focused on the great debates in the field of economics and that, in this first year, will focus on the Brazilian economy. Insamuch, the event intends to contribute to CES' commitment to address social development problems in countries. The series is relevant because Brazil is currently living the consolidation of a new "lost decade" economy-wise, while simultaneously experiencing institutional risks that threaten its fragile democracy. The changes of the political and, especially, economic environment, however, are not the result of  remarkable ruptures in any social sphere. In fact, they materialized a sum of problems comprehensible through the eyes of political economy and which, in 2018, were expressed in the election of names hitherto invisible in the political debate.

The general objectives of the First Annual Series "Economy? What iare you talking about?" are:

  1. to unveil the basic concepts used in economics and discussed in newspapers and academia;
  2. to present the recent evolution of the Brazilian economy;
  3. to clarify the participants on the topics under discussion at the moment;
  4. to deepen specific themes of great social and productive impact;
  5. to discuss perspectives for Brazil, its society and economy for the coming years.

The target-audience of the First Annual Series "Economy: What are you talking about? The complexity of the Brazilian context" is:

  1.  PhD candidates from the Centre for Social Studies;
  2.  Post-doctoral researchers from CES;
  3.  The remaining body of CES researchers.

In addition, any members of the University of Coimbra's community and any other interested parties will be welcome.