International Conference

Communisms and political dissent

November 7 and 8, 2019

CES | Lisbon


The idea of communism and the great hope brought by the Russian revolution of 1917 marked, as a utopia and as political praxis, the contemporary social thought and the International Workers' Movement, between heated quarrels and endless controversies, sowing dissensions, verbal wars, profound sectarianisms and irreconcilable divergencies. Distinct societal models, organisational conceptions and political cultures have developed like different branches of a common trunk, becoming autonomous and crystallising.

On the global history of communism, it is to communisms that we properly report. In the turbulence of the contemporary world, in the vertigo of the great events and of the great social and political processes, Trotskyists, Luxemburgists, Stalinists and neo-Stalinists, Maoists, Leninists of different tones, revolutionary Marxists have faced since the mid-nineteenth century, contesting hegemonies and configuring, at different scales and in a formal or informal manner, international networks of political action.

This Conference aims to put forward significant research and to foster debate, emerging from different historical experiences and different contexts in an effort to establish globalising parallels.

Languages: Portuguese, French, Spanish and English.

Organisation: Ana Sofia Ferreira (IHC/NOVA), Cristina Clímaco (LER/Paris 8), João Madeira (IHC/NOVA), Rui Bebiano (CES/UC), Susana Martins (CES/UC)