Photography Exhibition


Fotografias: Pedro Medeiros / Curadoria: Viviane Borges

November 25 to December 6, 2019 | 2nd Floor Hallway, CES | Alta

© Pedro Medeiros, Arquivo, EPL, 2019

Archives keep what was woven by the everyday, the ordinary. Stored documents, tamed by methods of organisation, or in revolt over the neglect of the cruel passing of time, weave the days gone by.

The archive we here bring is marked by traces of fragmented and uncomfortable existences.

The exhibition “Archive” includes photographs taken at the Historical Archive of the Lisbon Penitentiary. It deals with the lights and shadows of an emblematic space full of stories yet to be discovered.

The idea came from the partnership between researcher Viviane Borges and photographer Pedro Medeiros, both interested in seclusion spaces and their social reverberations.