Public anguish: group processes, body and art during times of crises

Ney Roberto Váttimo Bruck (Universidade de Pelotas)

January 28, 2019, 14h00

Room 2, CES | Alta


Public anguish is the diffuse feeling of malaise that arises from stressful and potentially traumatic public events, such as the feelings of emptiness and failure in the face of demands, sensations of isolation provoked by technologies, the effects of disciplinary control, the demands of performance, the effects of Burnout syndrome, contemporary identity issues, especially those related to racial, sexual orientation and gender oppressions, as well as the different degrees of victimisation from urban poverty and violence, accidents and natural and man-made disasters .


Thematic Focus

Epistemological norms and body: devices of uncrating and creation.
Group processes, crises and the arts: flow of consciousness (surrealism) and theatre as therapy.
The temporal conception of the psyche: self-care and mutual help.

Organisers:  Doctoral Programme in Feminist Studies (FLUC/CES) in collaboration with Artistic Studies (FLUC).