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Beyond health, far behind rights: where are the public policies for sex workers in Portugal

Alexandra S Cort

Isabel Soares

Manuel Oliveira

July 10, 2019, 15h00

Seminar Room (2nd Floor), CES | Sofia


Sex work is an interdisciplinary issue intertwining feminism, sexuality, masculinities, rights, moral panic, health, autonomy and public policies. Beyond theoretical discussions, it concerns the lives of thousands of women and men, cis or transgender, migrants or not who live between the need for recognition of sex work as work, the distinction of their occupation from illegal practices as human trafficking and sexual exploitation, and the demand for human rights and fair access to health.

The 3rd Sharp Talk aims to address the encounter of all these themes in order to think sex work beyond health but far behind rights, articulating Portuguese public policies, the lives of sex workers and the desire for change.

Isabel Soares, Psychologist and harm reduction outreach worker. She has coordinated several international and national projects in the area of sex work in the last 10 years.
Alexandra S Cort and Manuel Oliveira, members of the Movement of Sex Workers in Portugal (MTS), a Portuguese grassroot organization of sex workers.

This 3rd Sharp Talk is organized by DECIDe, co-organized by Associação Existências and has the support of the POWER - Promote Sex Workers Rights, promoted by APDES - Associação Piaget para o Desenvolvimento. 

Coordenation: Fernanda Belizário, Mara Pieri and Rita Alcaire  (CES) | Other information: