Democracy and the rule of law in erosion: when the exception becomes the rule

September 28 and 29, 2018

Maison des Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société of Toulouse (France)


28 September

9h00 – Participants reception

9h30 – Opening session

9h45 – Opening conference “L'Etat de droit au défi de l'Etat sécuritaire” by Jacques Chevallier (Universidade Panthéon-Assas, Paris 2) 

10h45 – Break 

11h00 – Workshops : Axe I - The impact of exceptionalism on Law and Justice

  • Globalization and Justice of Exception - Wanda Capeller (SciencesPo-Toulouse, CES/UC, Unilasalle);
  • Constitution, fundamental rights, human rights: the refugee crisis - Mariana Canotiho (Universidade do Minho);
  • The State of Emergency in France and elsewhere - Laure Ortiz (SciencesPo-Toulouse);
  • State of Exception, social control and social movements - Jérôme Ferret (UT1-Université des Sciences sociales de Toulouse, MSH Toulouse);
  • Criminal harmonization in the European Union and increasing criminalization - João Pedroso (FEUC/CES).

13h00 – Lunch

15h00 – Plenary Session “Exception”

Moderator: Laure Ortiz (SciencesPo-Toulouse)

Speakers: António Casimiro Ferreira (FEUC/CES), Pierre Guibentif (ISCTE), João Pedroso (FEUC/CES), Wanda Capeller (SciencesPo-Toulouse, CES/UC, Unilasalle)

16h00 – Break

16h30 – Workshops : Axe II - The impact of exceptionalism on society

  • Erosion of social rights and the ability to act - Éric Darras (SciencesPo-Toulouse)
  • Austerity and Exception in Social Law - Carlos Herrera (Universidade de Cergy Pontoise) and Rafael Encinas de Munagorri (Universidade de Nantes);
  • The post-democratic state of exception and the criminalization of global social movements - Jesus Sabariego (CES/UC);
  • Crimigration and the construction of social fear: Maria João Guia (IJ-UC);
  • The erosion of rights in family justice - Paula Casaleiro (CEF/UC, CES/UC) and Patrícia Branco (CES/UC)
  • Workshop organized by Unilasalle (to be confirmed)

20h00 – Dinner

29 September

9h30 – Round table organized by Association La Repolitique

11h00 – Presentation of the conclusions of the workshops by the coordinators

11h30 – Closing session by Michel Wieviorka (MSH-France) and Jacques Commaille (ENS Cachan/ Association Droit et Société)