Democracy and the rule of law in erosion: when the exception becomes the rule

September 28 and 29, 2018

Maison des Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société of Toulouse (France)


The Conference intend to promote a discussion on the erosion of democracy and the rule of law, reflecting on the tension between the principles of democratic legitimacy, the supremacy of fundamental rights, the legitimacy of the global market, and ways of exercising power, arising from the exception logics.

The seminars are organized around three Plenary Conferences and 11 thematic Workshops (see call), which will be multilingual French / English / Spanish.

Organizing Committee: Wanda Capeller (SciencesPo-Toulouse, CES/UC, Unilasalle), Jerôme Ferret MSH-Toulouse), João Pedroso (FEUC/CES), Paula Casaleiro (CEF/UC, CES), Andreia Santos (FEUC/CES).

Scientific Committee: Toulouse: Wanda CAPELLER, Jerôme Ferret, Laure Ortiz, Eric Darras; UC-CES: João Pedroso, António Casimiro Ferreira, Paula Casaleiro, Andreia Santos, Patrícia Branco, Maria João Guia ; Droit et Société: Jacques Commaille.

The conference is co-organized by MSHS-T USR CNRS 3414 (Toulouse, France), CES (Coimbra, Portugal), SciencesPo-Toulouse (Toulouse, France), Association Droit et Société (France) e Unilasalle (Canoas, Brazil).

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