Book presentation

«Crítica da Razão Estatal. O Estado Moderno em África nas Relações Internacionais e Ciência Política. O caso de Cabo Verde» by Odair Barros Varela

November 10, 2018, 18h00

Livraria Almedina Estádio Cidade de Coimbra


With Bruno Sena Martins and Katia Cardoso (CES – UC)


The book, based on analytical instruments of International Relations and Political Science, and also backed by the perspective of Postcolonial Studies, first proceeds to a critical socio-historical contextualisation of the emergence of the modern State in the enunciation locus of Cape Verde, that is, in Africa, focusing on the analysis of the hegemonic vision about the role of what has been called "modernity" in the state configuration in this continent.

the problematic of statelessness in Africa is also analysed through analytical-normative incursions, seeking to cast glimpses on pre-colonial, colonial, post-independence, and contemporary developments, namely in the field of International Society and International Ethics, which contribute, as in other parts of the globe, to this continent having the main characteristics of its statehood warmed up in its millennial and recent history.

Finally, the work includes an embryonic analysis of the Cape Verdean case. The choice of this state is essentially due to the fact that it presents itself with the following singularity: on the one hand, it has been found that the characteristics that it contains prove the inadequacy of the hegemonic approach in the cataloguing of certain states as being "fragile", "failed" or "collapsed". On the other hand, it has been shown that its postcolonial pathway - considered, for example, by the main international institutions to be relatively successful in terms of what is conventionally called governance - is mainly due to the fact that the state solution adopted has shown itself to its ruling elite, as it has in other cases, as the best route to follow, following the innovative normative approach proposed here for the analysis of such situations.