Black Consciousness Week at CES

Insubmissive bodies: experiences and perspectives of the anti-racist struggle in the 21st century

November 19 and 20, 2018, 09h00

Sala de Seminários (Piso 3), CES | Sofia


Morning sessions: from 10h to 13h (9h30-9h50 - coffee break)

Afternoon sessions: from 14h15 to17h

Artistic programme:  November 19 from 17h to 18h (CES Sofia) and November 20 from 18h to 22h (Salão Brazil)


Monday, November 19

Morning session

Anti-racist education

Intercultural education and racism in the National Reading Plan in Portugal

Mariana Martha de Cerqueira Silva (PhD candidate in Education/UFSCAR/ CES PhD internship)

Teacher training and internship: student observation, action and reflection | Camila Cristian Contão (graduate in Pedagogy/ UEMG/ Abdias do Nascimento Programme/CES)

Memories and notes on silencing, epistemic racism and power in higher education in Portugal | Max Ruben Ramos (Postdoctorate/CES)

Moderator | Carmen Regina Teixeira Gonçalves (PhD candidate in Education/ UFMG PhD internship/ Abdias do Nascimento Programme/CES)


Afternoon session

Legal and penal system

Juvenile justice and the racial issue | Jalusa Silva de Arruda (PhD candidate in Social Sciences / UFBA PhD internship/CES)

Criminal justice in the Portuguese context | Sara Gaspar Fernandes (MSc in Sociology and Anthropology, specialisation Migration and Interethnic Relations at Diderot University/Paris VII and Junior Researcher/CES)

Rule of law and racism | Danielle Pereira de Araújo (PhD candidate in Political Science/UNICAMP and Junior Researcher/CES)

Moderator | Luana Coelho (Master in International Cooperation and Urban Development/ IUG-UPMF, Grenoble/France and TUD, Darmstadt/Germany and Junior Researcher/CES)

Sarau | Danuza Américo Felipe de Lima (PhD candidate in African literature, FLUC/UC) and Patrischa Grundner (Master in Latin American Studies at the University of Hamburg - UHH)


Tuesday, November 20

Morning session

Black women and feminisms

From the social movements of Afrodescendants to the Memorial to the Victims of Slavery | Raquel Lima (INMUNE/PhD candidate in Post-Colonialisms and Global Citizenship/CES-FEUC)

Quilombola Women's Agency | Carmen Gonçalves (PhD candidate in Education/UFMG, PhD internship / Abdias do Nascimento Programme/CES)

Perspectives of a black architecture for racial issues in Brazilian architecture | Cíntia Ataliba (PhD candidate in Architecture/UC)

Moderator | Danielle Pereira de Araújo (PhD candidate in Political Science/UNICAMP and Junior Researcher/CES)


Prospects for anti-racist struggle

Afternoon session

The place of "afro" in the struggles of black women: between diasporas and Africas | Catarina Martins

Association of black women | Ana Cristina Leal Ribeiro (Bachelor in Interdisciplinary of Humanities/ UFBA, Abdias Nascimento Programme CAPES/ MEC/SECADI)

Anti-racism fight and university extension projects | Mariana Martha de Cerqueira Silva (PhD candidate in Education/UFSCAR/ PhD internship/CES)

Affirmative policies and the struggle against institutional racism | Otto Vinicius Agra Figueiredo (Doctor of Education/UNEB)

Moderator | Camila Cristian Contão (graduate in Pedagogy/UEMG/Abdias do Nascimento Programme/CES)

Performance João by André Sousa (EBA-UFMG/MEC-SECADI/CAPES/CES-UC/FPCEUC)


Artistic interventions (18h to 22h- Venue: Salão Brazil)

Voice and guitar | Gabriel Capinala (UC Law Student)

Dj | Rodrigo Tavares (PhD candidate in Architecture UC)