Black Consciousness Week at CES

Insubmissive bodies: experiences and perspectives of the anti-racist struggle in the 21st century

November 19 and 20, 2018, 09h00

Sala de Seminários (Piso 3), CES | Sofia


November 20, 1695. Brasil Colônia. Zumbi dos Palmares is murdered. The reason? Insubmission to the system that violates, terrifies and exterminates the bodies condemned to carry the colonial world on their shoulders: black bodies. 323 years have passed since the death of one of the greatest protagonists of the black resistance to white supremacy, and November 20 continues to be claimed by the organisations of the black movement as a symbol of resistance, affirmation and struggle of women and men in Brazil. The system continues to kill Cláudias, Amarildos, Marias Gabrielas, Marielles, Marcos Vinícius, Moas, Valérias.

This seminar aims to provide dialogues on experiences and perspectives on the anti-racist struggle in the 21st century in Brazil and Portugal from the following axes: anti-racist education, the criminal justice system, black women and feminisms and the direction of the anti-racist agenda. We hope that dialogue will deepen discussions about the various ways of existing and resisting racialised bodies in our societies and, especially, providing elements for strengthening the struggle for the deconstruction of a markedly dehumanising and anti-Black world.

Subject area(s) of the course
Anti-racism, Knowledge production, grassroots movements

Target audience: Postgraduate students in social and human sciences, political activists and members of anti-racism NGOs, professors in Sociology, History and Geography, journalists and the like.

Registration limit: 30 | Registration deadline: November 15

Working languages: Portuguese

Free entrance, with compulsory registration