Seminar Series

«Circulation and Materiality in New Transnational Modernist Studies: Translocal Networks, Archives and Journals» 

October 4 to December 21, 2018

CES | Alta


This series (CES-UC, October-December, 2018) intends to explore the conceptual and practical field of disciplinary intersections in the New Modernist Studies, with special focus on the materiality of modernist journals and archives, which call upon domains such as «cultural & area studies, periodical & digital studies».

This series with actors from national and international institutions aims, on the one hand, to disseminate scientific content, namely works published in the special issue of the Pessoa Plural on ‘Modernismo português em torno de 1915-17’ (Oct. 2017) and others works produced by NHUMEP researchers in the area of Modernism and in collaboration with researchers from other national and international institutions.

On the other hand, while covering case studies of central and emerging study objects, thematics and methodologies from new modernist studies, it also aims at the complementary training of (post-graduate) students in humanistic studies.

Archives and Sources of Portugues Modernism – October 4, 2018, 15h00, CES | Alta 
Jerónimo Pizarro (Universidad de los Andes, Colômbia) e Fernanda Vizcaíno (Universidade do Minho)
Filipa Freitas (CET, FLUL), Arquivo do Teatro de Fernando Pessoa (tbc)

Transnational Circulation of Journals and Networks  – November, 2018 (tbc)
António Sousa Ribeiro (FLUC, CES-UC), Karl Kraus’s Die Fackel
Maria Irene Ramalho (CES-UC), Women’s little magazines: Poetry & The Little Review
Katia Pizzi (IMLR, SAS-UL), Enrico Prampolini’s Noi

Journals and Translocal Circulation: the Portugues and Brazilian cases – December (tbc)
Ricardo Marques (IELT-FCSH, UNL), Arquivo Digital de Revistas Modernistas Portuguesas
Maria José Canelo (FLUC, CES-UC), Klaxon e Revista de Antropofagia
Patrícia Silva (CES-UC) e Mirhiane Mendes de Abreu (Unifesp, BR), Revistas modernistas regionais brasileiras