The struggle for the Right to Housing in Lisbon and Memory Workshops in the 6 de Maio borough

Diana Bogado

Saila Saaristo

December 11, 2018, 15h00

CES | Lisbon


The architect Diana Bogado and the anthropologist Saila Saaristo will present this seminar by discussing ways of struggling against evictions in Rio de Janeiro and in Lisbon.

Diana Bogado presents the experience of the Museu das Remoções, a social museum built by the Vila Autódromo community in Rio de Janeiro, which is part of the struggle for the right to housing during arrangements for mega-events, such as the World Cup and the Rio 2016 Olympics. to construct this museum several memory workshops were held, a strategy of community articulation that uses popular memory as a tool to strengthen links and encourage the struggle for housing.

The seminar's speakers adapted these workshops to the context of the 6 de Maio borough in Lisbon, which also suffers from eviction and home removals, with the aim of encouraging residents to continue struggling for the adequate resettlement of all residents of the neighborhood.

Saila Saaristo talks about the social movements that struggle for the right to housing and the city in Lisbon, addressing the experiences of the residents of the social projects and social movements that support them. The focus is on women occupying social housing, with an intersectional feminist perspective analysis.

Bio notes

Diana Bogado holds a PhD in architecture from the University of Seville; co-creator of the Museu das Remoções, postdoctoral researcher at CES-UC, Coimbra University.

Saila Saaristo completed her master's degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Helsinki in 2009. She is currently a PhD student in the "Political, Societal and Regional Change" PhD Programme at the University of Helsinki and the "Democracy in the 21st Century"  programme of the University of Coimbra. Her current research project focuses on evictions and resistance against evictions in Lisbon.