Art and Epistemologies of the South - conditions for a transgressive discourse and an emancipatory law

Paola Cantarini Guerra (CES)

November 12, 2018, 14h00

Room 1, CES | Alta


The present article involves the research developed in post-doctoral studies at CES - Centre for Social Studies, which is an integral part of the report on postdoctoral activities. It is intended, at a first moment, to trace some articulations around the thinking of Boaventura de Sousa Santos, in proposing the ecology of knowledges, intercultural translation and Epistemologies of the South, in comparison with the thought of Michel Foucault, proposing the recovery of knowledges and the conjugation of scientific knowledge to popular knowledge. In a second moment, the intention is to analyse if it would be possible to postulate for another law and another counter-hegemonic politics, before the four main forms of social fascism in which we live and in a capitalist regime. How can law be emancipatory and transgressive ? How to articulate art to politics without the aestheticization of politics and the politicization of art, from the analysis of Epistemologies of the South, recovering experiences of life that have been suppressed, wasted or denied?

Nota biográfica

Paola Cantarini Guerra - Graduate degree in Law from the University Center of the United Metropolitan Colleges, University Extension in Commercial Law from EDP - Paulista Law School. Postgraduate degree in Human Rights from Faculdade Salesiano. Master's and PhD degree in Law from UC-SP. PhD in Philosophy of Law - Unisalento. Tutor Raffaele De Giorgi. Visiting researcher - Scuola Normale Superiore de Pisa-Italy, lecturer tutor Roberto Esposito (2016). Academic teacher, having lectured at the following universities in graduation, postgraduation and university extension courses: FMU. UNIP. FADISP, EDP - subject áreas: business law, financial market, philosophy, logic, labour law, economic law, civil law, introduction to the study of law, law and globalization and digital law. Member of the research group Humanistic Capitalism, of GEDAIS research group, of the research group Fundamental Rights (PUCSP) and of the research group Michel Foucault, Postgraduate course in Philosophy of PUCSP. She has a solid experience in the legal area, with emphasis on opinions and legal consultations in the constitutional, consumer, civil, corporate, bankruptcy and rehabilitation liability; legal advice in structuring of companies to minimize risks, providing the best legal form for outsourcing services and business restructuring, problem-solving involving civil liability, contractual and successor disputes, corporate crisis. Detailed analysis of the business structure, suggestion of changes and modifications in compliance with the legislation at force, providing the adoption of several safe and competitive reorganization models, seeking the best results and participation. Author of the books: Direito Comercial à luz do princípio da proporcionalidade; Teoria Erótica do Direito - por uma filosofia política amorosa;Princípio da constitucionalidade como resposta à crise autoimunitária do Direito; Direito, sociedade e cultura; publisher Lumen Juris, and coauthor of the book: Teoria Poética do Direito.