Book presentation

«Trabalho e Políticas de Emprego. Um Retrocesso Evitável»

November 28, 2017, 18h00

Lúcio Craveiro da Silva Library | Braga (R. de S. Paulo)


Book presentation and Q&A on the Observatory on Crisis and Alternatives «Trabalho e Emprego: Um Retrocesso Evitável», coordinated by Manuel Carvalho da Silva, Pedro Hespanha and José Castro Caldas.

The book will be presented by Manuel Carlos Silva, sociologist and professor and Ana Paula Marques, Professor at the University of Minho. Representing the authors: Manuel Carvalho da Silva, Coordinator of the Observatory on Crisis and Alternatives.


This book focuses on labour and employment, the impact of the crisis in terms of unemployment and precariousness, the public policies assumed under the Troika Memorandum, their significance and their consequences. It shows that Portugal’s bailout made labour an "adjustment variable" of an "imbalance" that in its origin was, first of all, financial. It argues that real rebalancing involves the revaluation of labour in all its dimensions - retribution, security, autonomy, participation in the definition of the destiny of companies and other organisations.