Ecology and Society Workshop | 2015-16

Dezembro 2015 - Junho 2016



The CES Ecology and Society Workshop Series alternates two seminars (December and March), a public event (February) and two group readings (April and June). Detailed programmes will be made available for each event.


16 december 2015 - Workshop: ‘Post-extractivisms, degrowths and alternatives of existences: prospects of ecological resistances’ (organisers: Felipe Milanez)

20 february 2016 (TBC) – Public Forum: ‘Mining conflicts in Portugal and Brazil’  (organisers: Lúcia Fernandes); Venue: Teatro da Cerca de São Bernardo (TBC)

10 march 2016 – Intensive workshop: Carbon Trading After COP 21: Market Analysis, Policy Perspectives and the Role of Climate Justice Movements (organisers: Emanuele Leonardi)

19 april 2016 – Group Reading: ‘Lampedusa (un)disciplined’ (Gaia Giuliani, CES) (organização: Stefania Barca)

17 june 2016 – Group Reading: ‘The Intimate Enclosure Un-making Family as Commons’ (Irina Velicu, CES and Gustavo Garcia Lopez) (organisers: Irina Velicu)

Nota: Ciclo no âmbito do projeto ENTITLE  - Rede Europeia de Investigação de Ecologia Política Ecology and Society Workshop  and Policies, Labour and Inequalities Research Group  (POSTRADE)