International Seminar

3. SITE | International Seminar on Labour and Education  -  Knowledges at Work

November 30 to December 2, 2015

CES-Coimbra and College of Arts - UC


Organized in collaboration with the University of Minas Gerais, the Federal University of Ouro Preto and the Federal University of Minas Gerais, PUC Minas, University José do Rosário Vellano and UNA, the first two editions were held in Belo Horizonte and Ouro Preto.

The 3rd SITE resumes the previuos focus on researcher’s activity but now also focusing on the challenge of a dialogue between different and permeable knowledges. Distinct because they maintain a specificity that prevents its reduction to a general epistemology. Conversely, permeable because contextualized and open, as is the condition of all knowledge. Thus, one of the 3 dimensions that this 3rd SITE intends is the fields of knowledges and the communication between these fields. This approach considers parity as a condition for the dialogue of knowledges and objectivizes the discussion on ways to overcome the hierarchies and overlaps in social processes of validation of knowledges.

The second dimension that guides this 3rd SITE refers to the dynamics of  production of  knowledges albeit not restricted to a discussion of methodological propositions. From a standpoint that there is always a relationship between the researcher and the knowledge produced, so that the object of research is not neutral and is inscribed in a personal and specific social route. Thus, the objective is to discuss the researcher’s activity on the options, powers, social and subjective constraints. Based on those relating to the specificity and the processes of knowledges, the 3rd SITE returns to issues relating to:
- Knowledges that are not limited to disciplinary power and its rules and, even if maintaining their specificity, require interconnection with other knowledges;
- Knowledges produced in daily life, at work, in culture, in short, in non-academic areas;
- Knowledges that do not expire at the borders between art and abstraction, between making and conceiving, between the prescribed and the real;
- Knowledges that consider intuition, chance, invention and even failure in its production process;
- Knowledges which are not always measurable or pronounceable.

Deadline for paper submissions: Brazil - August 10; Portugal and remaining countries - September 30.

Registration and payment
With paper presentation: Until October 30: 15 euros | From November 01 to 29: 20 euros | Novemebr 30: 25 euros
Without paper presentation: Until October 30: 5 euros | From November 01 to 29: 10 euros | November 30: 15 euros

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