Behave International Conference

Households in the Financial Crisis: Consumer credit and policy

January 17, 2014

CIUL Auditorium (Picoas Plaza, Rua do Viriato)


Standing in the area of confluence between economics, psychology and law, the BEHAVE project studies the credit decisions, decisions that are cognitively and emotionally demanding and with great impact on the well-being of individuals and families, especially in the context of the current economic crisis.

Among others, the project addresses the following topics: the impact of financialization and economic crisis on the financial situation of households, cognitive and emotional burden of consumer credit, the role of counseling and financial education, confidence in financial institutions and insolvency of households.

Provisional Programme

10h30-10h45   Conference Opening

Morning Session
10h45-11h15   The political economy of household debt | Ana Cordeiro Santos (CES)
11h15-11h45  Identifying the Rational Ecological Elements and Structure of Credit for Consumption Decision-Making | Miguel Oliveira (CES, FPCE-UC)
11h45-12h15  Regulatory framework to tackle household financial distress | Catarina Frade (CES, FE-UC)
12h15-12h45  Discussion

Afternoon Session
14h15-15h15   Consumer Credit Use as a Decision Problem: Opportunities and Limits of a Cognitive Perspective | Bernadette Kamleitner (Vienna University of Economics and Business, AT)
15h15-16h15  Two Cheers for Behavioural Economics: The Case of Consumer Credit | Iain Ramsay (Kent Law School, UK)
16h15-17h15  Discussion