Meeting Cycle

Heritage & Urban Renewal

Outubro de 2012 a dezembro de 2013



One of the main goals of this series of meetings is to systematize and confront the knowledge already available regarding the improvement  of the  urban and architectural restoration  processes and  to discuss methodological approaches, both in design as in  the construction industry practices, as well as dissemination and awareness to safeguard this heritage.

It is intended to promote discussion on the theme "Heritage versus Urban Renewal", by reference to the case study of the city of Coimbra, in the shape of the activity: "Man, City and Science", of the Science Museum, UC in that "Man" is citizenship, "City" political power, and "Science" knowledge "in order to establish synergies between entities/institutions, companies, individuals, and all those who directly or indirectly are involved in safeguarding architectural and urban heritage.

The Meetings Cycle  will be held quarterly sessions. These sessions will, when possible, run simultaneously with other activities, including plenary sessions, workshops, and/or "routes" or "Family Science" of the Science Museum, and/or "heritage for all" of the Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha.


Scientific Committee

Adelino Gonçalves (DARQ) | José António Bandeirinha (DARQ/CES) | José Fernando Gonçalves (DARQ/CES) | Paulo Peixoto (CES) | Pedro Providência (CES/DARQ/DRCC) | Rui Lobo (DARQ/CES) | Walter Rossa (DARQ/CES)