Proposals submission

To formalize a proposal, it is necessary to fill in all the fields of the submission form available here, and email it to

 If possible, in addition to submitting the form, sending a sample chapter is recommended.

Once the proposal is accepted by the Editorial Committee, the author of the proposal must submit the complete and anonymised version of the manuscript (with no indication of authorship or any other element that may lead to the identification of the same), in Word format, so the work proceeds to the double-blind peer review system.

The manuscript must be revised by the author following the recommendations made by the reviewers. Modifications must be underlined using the option “Track Changes” or be marked in a different colour for that effect. The revised version of the manuscript must be submitted by email to the Collection’s email address.

Once the work is formally accepted for publication in the Collection, the final version shall be formatted in accordance with the instructions indicated in the publication guidelines and submitted to the Collection’s email address. If otherwise, the manuscript will not be forwarded to Almedina.