Denise Esteves


Denise Esteves holds a bachelor degree in Anthropology from the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra. She also holds a master degree in sociology from the Faculty of Economics of the same university. Currently, Denise Esteves is member of the Observatory for Education Policies and Professional Development from the Centre of Social Studies. In the last years, she took part on national and international research projects on education and student learning outcomes,education policies, higher education and International Assessment of Adult Competencies (Portugal) (PIACC- OECD). More recently, she was member of the research team on the project "The Ethics of Students and the Tolerance of Teachers and Institutions in relation to Academic Fraud" sponsored by FCT. She is also a PhD student on Human Rights in Contemporary Societies. Her PhD project is entitled "Collaborative Learning Communities, Knowledge Networks and Institutions: Innovation and Participation towards Educational Change", and is sponsored by the Portuguese national funding agency for science, research and technology(FCT)(SFRH/BD/52279/2013). Her scientific interest is focused on the collaborative capacity of teachers, parents, students and community members to support transformation in schools. Overall, her scientific issue is to study which processes are bound to create emancipatory educational practices and to foster innovative ways of producing new knowledge in portuguese schools. Denise has a particular interest in findings ways to connect research, policy and practice to support capacity building. Her work mainly focuses on how schools, districts and national systems create capacity for and lead learning and improvement, with a particular emphasis on developing learning communities. At the school system level she is currently working on practical ways of transforming schools into learning organizations.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Esteves, Denise (2018), "Colaborar para innovar: contribuciones desde un caso portugués para rediseñar la noción de innovación educativa", Revista Educación, Política y Sociedad , nº 3(1), 7-30

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Book Chapter

Esteves, Denise (2017), 'Educacão para Todos': Contributos, Limitações e Desafios do Discurso do Capital Humano e da Linguagem do Direito na salvaguarda da Educação como Direito Humano, in Saulo Rodrigues e Bruno Martins (Org.) (org.), Direitos Humanos e os Debates sobre a Dignidade: Debates e Perspetivas. Rio Grande: Editora da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, 25


Almeida, Filipe; Seixas, Ana; Gama, Paulo; Peixoto, Paulo; Esteves, Denise (2016), Fraude e plágio na Universidade: a urgência de uma cultura de integridade no Ensino Superior. Coimbra: Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra

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