Luca Verzelloni


Luca Verzelloni is a researcher at the Centre for Social Studies (CES) of the University of Coimbra, member of the research group Democracy, Citizenship and Law (DECIDe) and associate researcher at the Research Institute on Judicial Systems of the Italian National Research Council (IRSiG-CNR). After obtaining his PhD in sociology and social research at the University of Trento in 2009, he has been post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Bologna and at the Research Institute on Judicial Systems of the Italian National Research Council. He has been the coordinator of the exploratory project "The paradox of judicial innovation in South European Countries", funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). Currently, he is promoter and local reference of the UNESCO Network on Governance and Citizenship in the digital Age (since 2020), expert trainer of the courses for aspiring directors of judicial offices, organised by the Italian School for the Judiciary (since 2015) and co-chair of the judiciary subgroup of the International Working Group for Comparative Studies of Legal Professions (RCSL-ISA) (since 2018). Among his publications may be mentioned: "Dietro alla cattedra del giudice" [Behind the judge's desk] (Pendragon, 2009); "Through the practice lens" (with G. Corradi e S. Gherardi, Management Learning, 2010); "Gli avvocati nella giustizia civile" [Lawyers in the civil justice] (Carocci, 2015); "Building Bridges between the Legal Professions" (Sortuz, 2015); "Inside the Italian Law Firms" (Sortuz, 2017); "Seguendo come un'ombra il diritto" [Following the law as a shadow] (Sociologia del diritto, 2019); "I percorsi di innovazione dei sistemi giudiziari del sud Europa" [The innovation paths of the judicial systems of Southern Europe] (Studi Organizzativi, 2019); "Pratiche di sapere. I rituali dell'innovazione nella giustizia italiana" [Practices of knowledge. The innovation rituals in the Italian justice] (Rubbettino, 2019); "Paradossi dell'innovazione. I sistemi giustizia del sud Europa" [Paradoxes of innovation. The justice systems of Southern Europe] (Carocci, 2020). His research interests are centred on Empirical Socio-Legal Studies, with regard to the following topics: legal professionals (lawyers, judges and paralegals), access to law and justice, quality of justice, governance and innovation in justice systems, using a critical, interdisciplinary and comparative approach.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Laércio Alves da Silva, Fernando; Verzelloni, Luca (2020), "Mediação penal em Portugal doze anos depois: início, meio e fim(?)", Revista de Informação Legislativa, 227


Verzelloni, Luca (2020), Paradossi dell'innovazione. I sistemi giustizia del sud Europa. Roma: Carocci

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Article in Scientific journal

Piana, Daniela; Verzelloni, Luca (2019), "Intelligenze e garanzie. Quale governance della conoscenza nella giustizia digitale?", Quaderni di scienza politica, XXVI, 3, 349-382