Hugo Dias


Hugo Dias has a degree in Sociology from the Faculty of Arts, University of Porto, and a PhD in Sociology (2012), School of Economics, University of Coimbra, with a thesis entitled "Social Movement Unionism? Experiences of renewal of Trade Union practice in a context of transition of productive paradigm". Researcher, since 2009, at the Centre for Social Studies and member of Social Policies, Labour and Inequalities (POSTRADE) Research Group and, since 2014, at the Centre for Labour Economics and Trade Unionism (CESIT), State University of Campinas (UNICAMP). He is currently Professor of the Economics Institute of Unicamp and teaches in the Master's program "Social Economy and Labour" of the Global Labour University based in the same institute. His research interests focus on Industrial Relations, Trade Unionism and Labor Movement, Social Movements and Collective Action; Welfare State and Social Policy.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Dias, Hugo (2018), "Os recursos de poder do sindicalismo português", Revista da ABET, 17, 2, 211-235

Article in Scientific journal

Gava, Gustavo; Dias, Hugo; Etulain, Carlos Raul (2018), "O desenvolvimento e as perspectivas dos sistemas de proteção social nos países latino-americanos", Revista Observatorio de la Economía Latinoamericana, diciembre 2018, 1-15

Article in Scientific journal

Krein, José Dari; Dias, Hugo (2018), "The CUT's Experience during the Workers' Party Governments in Brazil (2003-2016)", Global Labour Journal, 9, 2, 199-214