Isabel Roque


Isabel Roque is a researcher at the Centre for Social Studies in the Project EmployALL and a member of the research group on Science, Economics and Society (NECES). She is also a social activist and a PhD Candidate, concluding her thesis in Sociology - Labor Relations, Social Inequalities and Trade Unionism - Faculty of Economics, Coimbra University, with Professor Elísio Estanque as her supervisor. Her research interests focus on: Call and Contact Centres; Digital Labor; Digital Platforms; Precarity; Psychosocial Risks at Work; Social Protest Movements; Trade Unionism; Social Inequalities; Safety and Health at Work; Psychosociology of Work; Alienation; Poverty; Social Vulnerabilities; Biographies.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Roque, I. (2018), "Call Centre workers unite! Changing forms of organisation and representation in the Portuguese and British Digital Economy", Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation - Special Issue: Digital Economy and the Law, 12, 2, 79-98

Article in Scientific journal

Roque, I. (2017), "Trade Unionism and Social Protest Movements in Portuguese Call Centres.", Journal of Labor and Society, Volume 20, Issue 4

Book Chapter

Roque, I. (2017), Precariedade e Riscos Psicossociais em Call Centres Portugueses, in Centro Estudos Judiciários (org.), Prontuário de Direito do Trabalho I 2017. Coimbra: Almedina, 241-268