Ana Rita Brás


Ana Rita Brás holds a Master Degree in Sociology, University of Coimbra. She completed her master's degree in September 2019 with the dissertation "'Quando ele morreu...': O Papel das Redes Relacionais da Viuvez Feminina". Until December 2019, was part of the team of the Centre for Welfare Studies of the Social Sciencies Faculty of the University of Ljubljana in the scope of the projects CO.S.M.I.C - Community Support for Migrant Informal Careers (Erasmus+) and ME-WE - Psychosocial Support for Promoting Mental health and wellbeing among adolescent young carers in Europe (European Union's Horizon 2020). Until July 2020, was a CES Junior Researcher under the IMAS II project - Improving Assistance in Inclusive Educational Settings. Currently she is a PhD student in Sociology at FEUC and her current research interests focus on Social Networks, Family and Care, Social Policies and Women.