Ana Lúcia Santos


Ana Lucia Santos holds a degree in Philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Coimbra and an MA in Feminist Studies from the same university with a thesis on intersex. She is a junior researcher at Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, since 2012, where she previously worked in research projects related to sexuality of disabled women and LGBTQ intimate citizenship in Southern Europe. Presently she is a Research Fellow in the European research project CILIA LGBTQI+, working on life course inequalities. She is also a PhD student in Feminist Studies at the University of Coimbra researching gender policies of non-normative bodies (trans and intersex) in sports. Her research interests focus on feminist studies, sexual citizenship, posthumanism, crip theory and queer theory. She is also an activist in the LGBT/queer and feminist movements in Portugal.

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Santos, Ana Cristina; Santos, Ana Lúcia (2019), Diversidade funcional, igualdade sexual: sexualidades não-normativas de mulheres com deficiência, in Ana Cristina Santos, Fernando Fontes, Bruno Sena Martins, Ana Lúcia Santos. (org.), Mulheres, Sexualidade, Deficiência: os interditos da cidadania íntima. Coimbra: Almedina


Santos, Ana Cristina; Fontes, Fernando; Sena Martins, Bruno; Santos, Ana Lúcia (orgs.) (2019), Mulheres, Sexualidade e Deficiência: Os interditos da cidadania íntima. Coimbra: Edições Almedina

Article in Scientific journal

Santos, Ana Lúcia (2018), "Discursos legais em torno de mulheres sodomitas portuguesas na Idade Moderna", Cabo dos Trabalhos, 17, 1-15