Adriano Moura


Adriano Moura holds a bachelor degree in Education Sciences, and a Master in Adult Education, from the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Coimbra. He took part of the CES/CeiEF research team on the international project 'Inter-university Framework Program for Equity and Social Cohesion Policies in Higher Education' (RIAIPE 3) (2010 - 2013). He is also member of the Observatory for Education Policies and Professional Development from the Centre of Social Studies. He is a PhD student on the Doctoral Programme Human Rights in Contemporary Societies, developing the PhD project entitled 'Grammars of human dignity: paths towards pedagogical transformations and social justice' supported by the Portuguese national funding agency for science, research and technology (FCT) (SFRH/BD/52278/2013). Currently, his research interests are tied to the analysis of educational discourses and social practices which produce explicit and/or invisiblized processes of domination and oppression, vis-à-vis alternative communitarian practices, within educational contexts.

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Moura, Adriano; Alcoforado, Luís (2019), Paulo Freire e as possibilidades de uma pedagogia contra-hegemónica de direitos humanos, in César Nunes; José Polli (org.), Educação e Direitos Humanos: uma perspetiva crítica. Jundiaí, SP: Edições Brasil/Ed. Fibra/Ed. Brasílica, 17 - 31

Article in Scientific journal

Martins, Bruno Sena; Moura, Adriano (2018), "Portugal e década internacional de afrodescendentes: a educação e os tempos da violência colonial", Educação em Revista, 34, 1-23

Book Chapter

Moura, Adriano (2017), Por uma abordagem educativa pós-colonial da história dos direitos humanos, in Bruno Sena & Salo Tarso (org.), Direitos Humanos e as linguagens da dignidade: debates e perspetivas. Rio Grande: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande - FURG, 15-30

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